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Sports Battle: Big TJ vs. Nick "The Mad Scientist" Ficcorelli


Join Kyle Nash the Student of the Game as he hosts two friends turned sports knowledge rivals. Big TJ of the GoH Radio Network and Nick Ficcorelli, The Mad Scientist, as the take on this week's topics.

1. Which QB's contract is worse for their franchise; The Cowboys' Tony Romo or The Ravens' Joe Flacco?

2. Which Forward was more valuable to the Jordan Era Bulls, Horace Grant or Dennis Rodman?

3. Team most likely to when the NFC North in the 2014 Season?

Your judges are Stephen Weasel Hurley and Brandon Howard, NGN's Big 12 Writer.

Sports Battle: Drew "Statboy" Gluchov vs. Nick "The Mad Scientist" Ficcorelli


In an epic battle that went overtime, the Mad Scientist and Statboy debate current sports topics!!
1 Who is the better college QB? Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston
2. Who is the best NBA Coach of all time?
3. Which team made the best 1st round move of the NFL Draft.

Hear it all unfold as judges Alyssa Michele @sports_contessa and Big TJ @BigTJ2020 render their verdict along with me to break ties as they happen.

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Why am I here?

For the fans who want to hear something EXTRA to what the analysts offer. Those who recognize teams and players YOU want to hear about and the in depth performance analysis that TELL you what the STATS REALLY MEAN!! Check the image of the game from an actual fan rather than from the view of someone who sits at a desk in front of a camera enjoying their cushy retirement job blabbing at the camera.

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